Episode 4 ????

On a large bed were scattered cute jellybeans of various colors, and coin-shaped chocolates.
A fork was stuck into a shortcake peeking out of a gift box, and there were decanters with drinks of various colors lined up on the side table.
But the color of the partially finished drink that had been poured into a cup was venomous, matching none of the decanters.
Someone had probably been playing around, mixing various things together.

It was very fun, regardless of the taste.
On top of the fluffy bed were several colorful, big pillows like something from a dream.
And on this bed that looked like something out of a child's dream world, Bernkastel lay face down, and Lambdadelta lay face up, clutching a pillow and relaxing......
"Ahhahahhahhahha, it was pretty thrilling this time, wasn't i~t?  I got re~ally anxious when Beato said she'd stop the game."

"..................What a rude witch, to start a game such as this and try to end it by throwing it away."

"Wasn't Ange a good piece?  After Beato ran for it, Ange dragged her back and made her resume the game.  Although it is a shame that she gave Battler a little too much enthusiasm."
"............Because she knew Battler is weak against emotions."
"Too true.  He looked like he might even go easy on his enemy Beato."
"............I was uneasy that, like the last game, he might in the worst case feel compassion for Beato, and take the game in a weird direction.  .........Ange was a trump card to get Battler back on track when he mistook his goal.  .........Although I wanted her to support him a bit more before using her.  She really was used right off the bat.  What a waste for a piece that required so much preparation."
"Uffufufu!  It's a good thing she was shackled by the rule about not giving her name!  If that hadn't been set up, the brother-sister tag team would have swallowed Beato up and won in the blink of an eye."
"............I thought it was a chance for them to press her all at once, but your mark was so restrictive that I couldn't make the best use of her.  ......Aaah, what a waste that piece was."

"Isn't it obvious that such an unfair piece would have to be retired right away?  Well, in the end, she did a good job of preventing the suspension of the game, and that helps me out too.  The way she acted to make both our interests match is what made her a truly wonderful piece."

"............She was an innocent kid like Battler, so it was easy to get her to do as I said.  .........Morons and impulsive types are the best for pieces.  ......Aaah, I really can't stand losing that piece."

"By now, that kid's minced meat!  Hey, let's make hamburgers out of that later on☆  Oh wait, didn't you like gyoza more?  I wonder what little sister tastes like, *giggle*, hilarious!"
"..................Is it really alright for you to be so relaxed?  Thanks to Ange, Battler has gotten all stirred up.  I believe he's started a hot pursuit of Beato, making this game take a big turn to my advantage, right...?  I mean, didn't Battler solve almost all the mysteries up until now this time?"
"Huuh?  No~t even close!  Almost all of Battler's blue truth is off!  Beato's lukewarm red is full of holes.  If she had any brains in her, she'd slip through it easily by setting up a suitable web of twisted logic.  ......Yeah, it really ticks me off.  If it were me, I'd thoroughly cut down all of it with the red."
"............Oh, really?  And I was sure that those were all correct.  ......Well, I don't know about that small bomb part though."
"Not all of Battler's blue truth was effective.  ......Beato clearly declared, for the first game, that the identities of all unidentified corpses are guaranteed!  This breaks Battler's reasoning about the culprit of the Eva/Hideyoshi closed room murder being someone who faked a corpse.
Next, Kanon might have died in an accident in the boiler room but, *giggle*!  What kind of accident could drive a stake into his own chest?  Are you a moron?  I'll slice it with that red treasured sword.
Kanon did not die in an accident!  For the next one, the murders of the three including Genji in the parlor, the thought that it was a simultaneous murder where they shot each other in a clockwise pattern at the same time is laughable.  Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are not murderers!
The final trap X to kill Natsuhi is also ridiculous.  The thing that shot Natsuhi wasn't a trap, it was a real shooting murder with a gun raised and trigger pulled!  *giggle*, how sad...!"
"......You mustn't do that.  Saying something like that in red.  That kid's trying to make it so that she bounced Natsuhi's bullet back with magic and killed her."

"Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh, oh my, how could I, that's true...!  Even the blue truth for the second game was too naive.  When the six were killed in the chapel, the culprit was inside the chapel!  That guy tries to explain things left and right using trap X.  What the heck is trap X, a pattern in some strange mystery novels?

It's also laughable to say that, in the case where Nanjo and Kumasawa were killed in the servants' room, someone inherited Kanon's name.  The only one who can claim Kanon's name is the person himself!  A different person cannot claim his name!
And that theory about borrowing the master key from Rosa for Natsuhi's room is also worthless!  After the master keys came into Rosa's control, never did any of them leave her hands!  Except for the time when she lent it to Battler to unlock Natsuhi's room.  I can keep on going, just taking a quick look at them turns out like this, right?"

"............Forget taking a quick look...you've just denied Battler's blue truth for the first and second games across the board.  .........My, my, what a thing.  If Battler heard, he'd faint."

"......Right?  Beato wasn't cornered at all.  .........Looks like that kid's a pretty good actress after all.  I'm sure she planned to make it look like she was getting cornered this game, and then sometime next game, *bang*, slice it up with a single red stroke and make Battler shocked and surprised.

*giggle*, and then I'm sure she'll say it again with a huge smile.  'Witches never ge~t into a pinch'!  Pff, *giggle*giggle*giggle*!!"
"............Then that whole tragic feeling as though Beato was getting cornered was all an act?"
"Isn't it obvious!  She really is a big actress!  Even though she wasn't cornered at all, it felt like an astonishing, last-episode climax!  She's totally the winner for best supporting actress this year!!  Oh, but of course I'm the sta~r!  Or it could be you, Be~rn!"
"............At the end, she said something like 'kill me' and laid out a big riddle.  Wasn't that her last stand, with Beato to be finished for good if that riddle was solved?"

"*giggle*giggle*...!  No way, you were tricked too, Bern?  That wasn't even close to a last stand!  Beato is still holding back a glaring hidden move.  ......When she stuck out both hands to give the final riddle, did you notice how only her right hand fell down?"

"......Yeah, now that you mention it.  .........Is that what that meant."

"Sure is!  That kid still had plenty of hidden moves left!  And none of the mysteries have been solved...!  That tension, as though she had been seen through and the next episode would be the last...she truly is a genius at acting.  Yeah, I want to see her knock Battler down to the very bottom right away!

That kid's been totally encouraged by her 'North Wind and the Sun Strategy' from last time, right?  I'm sure Battler will sympathize with Beato again and fall for it completely...!  Because a woman's single tear can trick a man, truly economical and profitable!!"
"............I wonder if Battler will get caught by that move again.  I also must incite Battler to never feel sympathy again.  ......Although Ange's mincemeat seems to have done that pretty well."
"A power-up from an Ange-flavored hamburger?  Oh-hohohohohohoho!  Of course, I won't lose either.  Starting here, I'll thoroughly support Beato to rally her up enough to compete with Battler.  ......Beato won't lose.  I mean, I'm threatening her with a wonderful punishment game if she loses♪"
"............Your punishment games are seriously not cool, so you should go a little easy."

"I've decided what to do for your next punishment game, Bern.  Wanna hear?  Wanna hear?"

"Come o~~n, ask me☆  Guess what, guess what?  I'll lock you in a wonderful, wonderful castle.  That castle will be surrounded by pure white castle walls, 12 kilometers to a side.  With a height of 10 meters.  Magic and tricks are prohibited!  You really couldn't jump over that, right?"

"1,440,000,000 cubic meters?  .........You can stop there, I already know what you're going to say."
"Ufufufufu!  And that place will start getting buried with gems, one every day!  And I'll lock you in it until the castle walls are packed with them, and you've been buried to death with gems.  Isn't that a wonderful, romantic punishment game?"
"..................If you multiply the length of the walls by 5, and make the height one tenth its current height, I wouldn't mind if you shut me in it right now."

"Really?!  That would make it 3,600,000,000 cubic meters, right?!  The time period for the punishment game would more than double, right?!  Aaahh, I get to keep you as my prisoner for such a long time?!  I really like you Bern, love yo~u♪"

Lambdadelta playfully clung to Bernkastel, who yawned, looking bored, as she touched the bottom of Lambdadelta's chin as though cuddling with a cat...
"You're betting on Battler's victory.  And I'm betting on an eternal tie for the two of them.  ............Doesn't that mean no one's betting on Beato's victory?"

"...............I wouldn't.  Her chances of winning are zero."

"Oh-hoh-hoh!  How truly pitiful, being told by the Witch of Miracles that there's no chance of a miracle!  Although I wouldn't bet on her either, right?  Certainly!"

".........It's also pitiful being told by the Witch of Certainty that it's certainly no good."
Unusually for them, they giggled together...
"I wonder how this game will resolve itself...?"
"............True, that at least we can't predict.  ...That's why it's fun."
"I will no longer permit escaping or suspensions.  I'll certainly make them continue the game, and won't let them run away...!  Even though I can't even imagine what will happen next, I know a way that it is certainly impossible for it to end."
"..................At the very least, it won't end with Beato's victory."
"I mean, think about it.  Neither you nor I are betting on Beato's victory!  In other words, if it looks like Beato is going to win, she'll have to deal with us two Great Witches as enemies...!"

".........That's how it goes.  Our powers are most in balance only when balancing between a tie and Battler's advantage.  If it tips too much in Beato's favor, both of us will line up along the same vector, and drag Beato back."

"In other words, the instant Beato is in a superior position, ......she'll have to deal with both of us as enemies.  .........Uffufufufufu!  A common front with Bern, sounds fu~~n♪"

".........Thanks.  ......But I'm not going into a konpeitou candy bath with you."
"Aaa~w, and I was going to cover you with melted marshmallows while taking a konpeitou shower."

".........How pitiful.  That child is a living toy, a doll that you caught so that you could play with me, Lambda."
"I'm good at playing with dolls.  ......I really can play well, right?  I'm proud of being able to play with a single toy for hundreds of years without getting tired of it."
"............You're her ally at some times, and oppose her at others, toying with her for all eternity.  ......How pitiful.  That kid is now our doll."
"Uffufu, that's right, that kid is our doll.  No end is prepared for her except the ones the two of us wish for.  In other words, I can say for sure that this can only end by repeating a tie for eternity because of me, or else with Beato losing and being destroyed because of you, Bern.  ............Ufufu, ...as far as this game ending with Beato's victory goes..."

"............I will proclaim it as the Witch of Miracles."
"Then I will proclaim it as the Witch of Certainty."
""Beato certainly cannot win.  And a miracle certainly will not occur.""