Episode 2 ????

"Well then.  ...Was the game just now enjoyable?"
"......A game that one-sided goes beyond something worth seeing.  It's boring."

"*cackle*cackle*.  My, my, your point is harsh as always.  ......I was only bragging that this development was compelling enough to satisfy even the boredom-hating Lady Bernkastel.  What a harsh response."

"...Well, I'll accept that it was compelling.  ...However, it was horrible as a fair game.  You need the conditions to be a little more even-"

"......Are you saying that there's no way to win?  Even for Lady Bernkastel?  ......*cackle*cackle*."
"...............I wonder what you mean by that, Beato."

"There's no need to trick me.  I already know.  

...That you aren't a bystander・・・・・・・・・."

"Were you planning on hiding it?  You're a outrageous person to come into someone else's territory from such a great distance and work against me.  You came to watch from the sidelines, and probably to push strongly for my defeat.  I've guessed right, haven't I...?"

"..................And if so?"

"......*cackle*cackle*!  Truly interesting!  That I should be granted a chance to fight with Lady Bernkastel, the strongest of witches who defeated Lady Lambdadelta, is truly a pleasure!!"

"......Yes.  I'm also pleased.  I really wanted to see you, brimming with confidence, fall apart and lose, so I came all this way."

"What an honest person.  *cackle*cackle*!!  Even so, it would be a shame if the contest between me and the great Lady Bernkastel was resolved without at least one observer."

".....................You called her, didn't you.  That child."
"Hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-ho!  I found you, I've finally found you, Bernkastel!!"
"............How are you, Lambda?  Looks like you also have free time.  I wonder if it's fate that the pair who hate boredom should run into each other again...?"

"Stupid kid.  Why can't you realize that the only reason you won against me was because of a little luck and a problem of compatibility?  After that, you became such a braggart, and now you're even picking a fight with Beatrice?  Shouldn't you learn your place?"

"*giggle*, Beatrice is strong.  And she's even more brutal than I am.  Just a little!"

"And by the way, don't just shorten someone else's name to Lambda!"
".........You're dumb too, Beato.  If this kid's in your game, she'll make a mess of everything."

"I really didn't just bring Lady Lambdadelta here to watch from the sidelines.  After informing me that you were betting against me, she said that she would bet against you."
".....................You're still holding a grudge, aren't you."

"Hoh-hoh-hoh-ho!!  Because I'm the strongest witch in the universe.  But I lost to you so I'm not the strongest!  So anyone who is your enemy is my ally!!"

"*cackle*cackle*!  In that case, with the great Lady Bernkastel as our opponent, it may not count as a handicap, but it will be suitable for entertainment."

"............Do as you like.  ...Now that I've been exposed, allow me to get serious."

"That would be suitable.  'Going easy' has never been written in my dictionary.  *cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*!  Lady Lambdadelta, let us enjoy our valuable relationship this time."

"Yes, I'll be counting on you, Lady Beatrice!  I've been terribly betrayed by her.  Unless the two of us smash her up and pay her back double, I won't be able to rest!!"
"............I'll be counting on you, Lambda.  And Beato. ...No matter what issue we fight over, this will be a very significant battle for us."

"That's right.  Of course, I don't feel like losing, but who wins and who loses will be important."

"Anyways, we hate boredom."

The three witches giggled, cackled, and guffawed.
"......That's right.  I should thank you, Beato.  It looks like I can finally escape boredom.  Do your best to entertain me.  Together with Lambdadelta."
"Leave it to me.  *cackle*cackle*...!!"

"If we're decided, Beato, then let's start a strategy meeting right now!  I know all of this girl's weak points, and I'll teach you all of them!"

"And yet, Lady Lambdadelta, you were defeated by her, *cackle*cackle*...!"

"Urrrrrrrrgggh, I won't tell you, I won't tell you!  Tsu-n!"

"*cackle*cackle* hahhahahahahahaha!  ...She's never boring, that Lady Lambdadelta."
"............Isn't she?  Take care of her.  She's a lonely person."

"I see.  So she's one of 'those' that are popular these days.  *cackle*, as expected from Lady Lambdadelta.  Quite cutting edge.  *cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*."

"Go already.  That child's waiting for you to chase after her."
"......Then, if you'll excuse me.  See you next game.  *cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*!"
......I'm sorry.
That troublesome one came, but don't mind it.
More importantly, .........things sure got ugly.

I thought I'd experienced a very tragic end in Lambda's game, .........but this time, ......it's exceptionally horrible.

...It isn't as though I don't understand that feeling which makes you hug your knees and close your heart.
If you meet that end several more times, your heart will be killed without having to wait one hundred years.
......Beato saw through me, so I'll confess.
You are now just like I was in the past, when I was imprisoned inside Lambda's world.

Shut inside a labyrinth of cruel fate, tormented by a witch, in a manner of speaking.
...I am a witch who was born from there.
......So maybe I'm like an older sister to you.  So I decided that I'd lend you my power.

However, ............even compared to my fate, ......your's is, ...truly brutal.Not only do I sympathize with you, I'm almost brought to tears by your tragic fate.
But please, don't lose heart.
Please don't submit to Beato, no matter what.

Certainly, that child's game is quite unfair.

I've only been allowed a glimpse of the game board, but the unfair and clever devices set up on the stage are so disgusting that they probably far surpass those of Lambdadelta's game board.
And what's even more frightening, is when that child moves a piece, it's not like she always makes the best possible move.

This is where she is very different from Lambda.
Lambda always uses an overpowering number of pieces to make the best possible move, in order to win.

But Beato sometimes intentionally cuts corners when she moves her pieces.
Since when we are in trouble, we try to seek out our opponent's strategy by looking at their moves, this creates a very formidable amount of noise in our information.

This could cause a troublesome amount of disorder.
......However, as in chess, a player might be able to create some noise for their opponent with a useless move, but they would still miss out on a more valuable move.

In other words, it's not like your opportunities to take advantage of it are zero.
Although you may not be able to believe it, this game was also like that.
......Even though those developments looked so overpowering, ...there actually was a weak point.

One that makes me want to take advantage of it.

......Even though I don't know if it's a trap or if she's testing us.
Anyways, don't surrender.
Don't stop thinking.
Don't deny any possibility.

As long as you continue to hold the will to fight, Beato will not win.
What's the most important element in defense during a witch's battle?
Rather than trying to win, try not to lose.
...If you lose when you accept her, then you definitely must not accept her.

......Making you accept witches.
There is no longer any doubt that this is one of Beatrice's victory conditions.
Now that I have announced that I am your ally, I too will make as great an effort as possible to lend you my power.
Make an effort yourself as well.

If you're still hugging your knees, quickly stand back up.
......Umm, in times like this, what did I used to say again?

.........Umm, uh,
.........Fi, ...fight, oh~.

Mii, nipa~☆
............It's so embarrassing, doing this.

......I've done this much for you, so quickly stand back up.
"...Ah, there you are.  I wonder where Bern shrank off to?  *giggle*, could she be any more lame?"
Even so.
Just like usual, the pieces Bern chooses are pretty shabby.
It's the same with chess, right?
If all of your pieces were pawns, you would have zero chance to win, right?
If all of your pieces were rooks and bishops, you definitely wouldn't lose.
......W, well, last time, I felt just a little pity and said that she could advance her pieces from anywhere she wants, and then that idiot Bern, without taking notice of my compassion, started with a-ll of her pawns on my side of the board!!
What's up with that, that wasn't a loss or anything!!  Aaah, just remembering that makes me queasy.
Because of that, I won't be able to rest until I see Bern's speechless face.

Because of that, and because someone like you is Bern's piece, I'm feeling just great!
And also, I'd really hate that girl even if I didn't lose, so I'll definitely make her grind her teeth in regret, crying like a baby, she's so lame, *giggle*, hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-ho!
C'mon, laugh with me, oh-hoh-hoh-hoh-ho!
............Wait a sec.
Are you still hugging your knees?
You're already like this just because Beato got a little serious?
Could you be any more pathetic?
You're so pathetic, I'll help you just a little bit.

I, the great Lady Lambdadelta, the Witch of Certainty and the strongest in the universe, will associate myself just a tiny bit with you and your hopeless chances at winning.  You should thank me.
You know, Beatrice may really be a cruel and powerful witch, but she's no match for me.

Why?  Because she's soft.
While that kid will frame the board so that she can win with just a few more moves, she will intentionally not corner you.
She'll do things like take worthless pieces and place excess pieces on the board to make things one-sided.

In short, you could say she has the bad habit of playing around by making it look like she's won.
Almost all of the various attacks that are painful for you and Bern, look like utter waste and overkill to me.

...In other words, this means that she has a weakness, and you have a chance.  See?  She isn't an opponent to be afraid of, right?
She is sometimes mistaken in her strategy and goals.
And she has too much bad fun.
As a result, she even makes and exposes her own weak points.

It's impossible for one of the strongest witches like me to understand why she acts so relaxed.
Why she lowers her own chances of winning.
.........But, well.

Because of that, the type of witch like Bern, who thoroughly reads her opponent, has a really bad affinity with her.  Because reading her doesn't work.

...Maybe it's really easy for Bern to read and handle an obedient and honest type like me.  It makes me mad!
...Well, still, a super firepower type like me can flat out beat up a light, wide-range barrage type like Beatrice, so it's kinda like rock-paper-scissors.
If I'm paper, Beato is rock.
Which means Bern is scissors.
Well, maybe that doesn't matter.
Even though my paper loses to Bern's scissors, if it was super-paper, which is far more awesome than normal paper, it could even beat scissors, right?!

In other words, I, Lady Lambdadelta, am super-paper!  Hoh-hoh-hoh-ho!
It looks like you regained a little of your complexion.
That Beato, she's having fun torturing some piece called Rosa.
At a glance, you'd think she has a really bad habit, right?  Wrong.

......She's just killing time, hoping that you'll stand back up and return.

It's a move to fire up your righteous indignation by intentionally doing something detestable.
Ah man, I hate kids like that!
Well then, I'll return.
Ah!  Don't tell anyone that I helped you out just a little bit!
I mean, it's not like I helped you because I wanted to save you, okay?!
I, the strongest witch in the universe, had my seat as the strongest stolen when I lost to Bern!

So I have to take that seat back from Bern, but if Bern loses to Beato here, then the position of the strongest will be moved to Beato this time, right?!
...Well, I'm not really complaining.  It would be easier to steal it back from Beato, but then I wouldn't be satisfied, you see?!
And I'll take back my position as the strongest!
It's not like I'm really helping you, okay?!
I won't forgive you if you make Bern cry!