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2017-08-06 (2).jpg (446 KB, 697x1728)File: 2017-08-06 (2).jpg (446 KB, 697x1728) google yandex iqdb wait
446 KB
446 KB JPG
This shit is just too funny. This guy is actually mentally handicapped. Grimoire won't get very far.
>using terms such as "good" and "bad" guy past the age of 12
>>386412837 (OP)
Do you honestly believe anyone would side you?

>look guys i acted like the lowest of lowest on 4chan, but outside of 4chan, and got banned!
>>386412837 (OP)
that good feelio when you're not an obnoxious piece of shit like OP
1443946081933.jpg (39 KB, 309x342)File: 1443946081933.jpg (39 KB, 309x342) google yandex iqdb wait
39 KB
>>386412837 (OP)
>Grimoire won't get very far.
It's already the best game of all time, how much father can you get from there?
LOL you fuckin rekt him OP i bet he's CRYING in his little itty bitty baby diapers and i bet he's PISSING himself cause he's so scared hahah i sure would be

Well, it is the best at crashing, so you're not entirely wrong
>>386412837 (OP)
I would ban you if you acted like a little cocksucker to me too.

Since your only experience socializing with people is /v/ and you have let it craft your personality, you are now socially retarded and somehow think you are in the right with just relentlessly shitting on someone.

Even if it took him 24 years he's accomplished more than you, kid. Eat a fat dick.
You sound like an absolute cunt OP
>>386412837 (OP)
People who mention 4chan outside of 4chan are almost always pieces of shit

Just sayin OP
Mhmm, whatever you guys think. He's bragging about selling 2500 copies so far, I' called him out on it and that's what he banned me for. I've made that much in the last 2 years lol. Besides, I just posted here to see what you guys thought, these responses basically sum of the cancerous autism of /v/, so it's whatever, you guys think whatever you want. He's a chil for even responding and wasting his time on me.

The only thing I wanted to do was prove what a child he was.


Congrats dude, you released a game that took 24 years to make that a small handful of people could do in less than a year.
did cleve really blow you out so fucking hard you literally had to make a thread about it?

i wish you didn't block your name out so i could look you up and laugh at your faggot ass.

you really made a thread just to whine that you got blown the fuck out.
I only mentioned it because I know he's been on /v/ shilling his shit game.
The point is that you are not capable of having a discussion with another person in a civilized way. That's the consensus of /v/, and seeing how autism is the conclusion you're getting from this, you're also not a very smart person.
Of course I didn't because I'm smarter than your dumbass. You'd probably leave your name in.
1501841174310.jpg (211 KB, 1050x700)File: 1501841174310.jpg (211 KB, 1050x700) google yandex iqdb wait
211 KB
211 KB JPG
get a grip, kiddo, you're making yourself look like a clown.
>>386412837 (OP)
/asp/ here
>these levels of gettin worked
Lmao OP consider suicide , not even joking
>>386415075 (You)
Have you completely ignored the entire picture? He is actually comparing the entire thing to some imaginative story with a protagonist, besides I don't even post on /v/, this is the first time ever, so your argument of calling me the cancer of /v/ is invalid. The entire joke of this whole thing has gone over most of your heads so just uninstall windows and go outside you literal autism overlords.
What did you hope to get out of this thread, OP?
So you just admitted to having a true to life thal blow you out.

You know, any time you need to say "i'm winning" like you did, you make yourself look like a fool.

neck yourself you fucking faggot.
once again OP is a fucking fag

wouldnt surprise me if he used memearrows outside of 4chan as well
wew he called me the bad guy, so worked.

There is nothing civilized about fucking with, and wasting some guys time for no reasom, there's no winning for anyone else but me in any of these arguments. Every regular on 4chan should not only consider, but fully attempt suicide.
Honestly, how you can expect anyone to believe this bullshit and still have an image of yourself as of a smart person is a mystery to me.

>i know he's been shilling this game on /v/
>but i don't go to /v/!
Shitter-shattered faggot
>>386415528 (You)
To be fair, he said he doesn't post on /v/, not that he doesn't lurk. Still a turbofag though.
1490478757511.png (717 KB, 770x460)File: 1490478757511.png (717 KB, 770x460) google yandex iqdb wait
717 KB
717 KB PNG
It's funny how the people who don't browse /v/ are the literal incarnate of /v/

your average /v/ user will never back down from their way of seeing things, will never just give up and admit that they're wasting their time, and will always belch out that the other party is wrong in some way, shape, or form while providing no evidence.

can you please just fucking kill yourself, or better yet, go on a murder-suicide spree and take out as many people from your home board that you can, if they're anything like you, you will do a service to humanity.

this is one of the most embarassing threads I have ever seen, someone find this dudes steam so we can have a good laugh at the "games" he plays.
>Every regular on 4chan
Oh, that's why you're typing with that atrocious reddit spacing. Please stay on reddit the next time you go there
Just to gauge the general dick sucking on the actual game on /v/, which as expected, has caused me to lose all hope.

90% pretentious fedora wearing beta fags in here, so keep responding if you guys want, but I'm out. You can keep talking to a wall for all I care, but that's about the most experience socializing with a real thing you guys ever have.
unknown-3.png (653 KB, 657x737)File: unknown-3.png (653 KB, 657x737) google yandex iqdb wait
653 KB
653 KB PNG
The only funny thing here is watching the assblasted OP try to piece together whatever retarded shit he can in an attempt to save face.
>>386412837 (OP)
You deserve to banned for that low quality image. I'm not reading that crap.
OP.png (66 KB, 585x353)File: OP.png (66 KB, 585x353) google yandex iqdb wait
66 KB
I never played this shitty game and never will. No matter how bad it is, it does not excuse your behavior.
>so it's whatever
Hello, underage.
I can't believe OP actually managed to look worse than an assblasted autist who took 24 years to release a game
What were you thinking making this thread, OP? That conversation obviously makes you look like a complete dickhead.
todd.png (194 KB, 913x171)File: todd.png (194 KB, 913x171) google yandex iqdb wait
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>>386415707 (You)
>Plays Todd's game

I think he's a s'well fellow!
I don't even know what any of this is I just want to tell you that you sound like a complete faggot.
>>386415707 (You)
this thread just got so much better
dox when?
cruiselaugh.jpg (13 KB, 244x200)File: cruiselaugh.jpg (13 KB, 244x200) google yandex iqdb wait
13 KB
>post yfw you'll never be the OP
>>386415707 (You)
this is OP
>rocket league
>Scam underground
Now really consider suicide
>>386416013 (Dead)

>>386415707 (You) Not him but reverse image search is a good tool.
Judging by your image and your posts, you are even more pathetic than the guy you are ripping on. Congrats op, you are the faggot
>>386416013 (Dead)
The point still stands then. You become cancer the moment you make a post.


>No need to find my profile, which you won't though.
>profile has already been posted
1422855642948.jpg (407 KB, 1260x1782)File: 1422855642948.jpg (407 KB, 1260x1782) google yandex iqdb wait
407 KB
>This profile is private
Oh shit! It's really him, it was an open profile seconds ago.

You done goofed, falco
hestonlaugh.webm (337 KB, 650x278)File: hestonlaugh.webm (337 KB, 650x278) google yandex iqdb wait
337 KB
>>386415707 (You)
>This profile is private
Talk shit get hit. You should feel ashamed of your words and deeds.
>Andrew Furris damage controlling like hell when /v/ is tired of his shit
Batman Laugh.jpg (76 KB, 519x600)File: Batman Laugh.jpg (76 KB, 519x600) google yandex iqdb wait
76 KB
>No need to find my profile, which you won't though.
>No need to find my profile, which you won't though.
>No need to find my profile, which you won't though.
>No need to find my profile, which you won't though.
>No need to find my profile, which you won't though.
>This profile is private.
1496856991179.jpg (54 KB, 507x440)File: 1496856991179.jpg (54 KB, 507x440) google yandex iqdb wait
54 KB
>This profile is private
Yeah no shit, i almost knew one of you losers would somehow find it.
Please tell me someone screencapped his profile
teeth.jpg (19 KB, 295x299)File: teeth.jpg (19 KB, 295x299) google yandex iqdb wait
19 KB
>>386416013 (Dead)
>no need to find my profile, which you wont though
>when its been posted in the thread already
holy shit you are a trainwreck
i bet now you'll say "th-thats not my profile!!1" despite openly admitting to playing games you have on that profile's library. fuck, you're even playing stardew valley RIGHT NOW, and that's why you added it to your list.

please keep posting so we can keep laughing at how much of a fuckup you are.
whoops.jpg (242 KB, 1440x960)File: whoops.jpg (242 KB, 1440x960) google yandex iqdb wait
242 KB
>>386415707 (You)
>This profile is private
Oh boy am I laffin
>>386415707 (You)
>This profile is private.
Shut the fuck up Andrew.
People like the OP are here, alongside us.This is who we share the site with.
I can still see your games faggot, christ you're an RL autist
Just kill yourself, worthless clown. You lack a single redeeming quality, why should anyone take the crap you writte seriuosly? Worthless nobody.
>This profile is private.
Everyone fucking point and laugh at the assblasted sape.
How did you like Greece, Andrew?
>>386415707 (You)
Justin really messed up now
1480652820697.jpg (6 KB, 248x247)File: 1480652820697.jpg (6 KB, 248x247) google yandex iqdb wait
6 KB
>Haha, I'm totally winning guys! S-See! I-I'm the good guy here!
1501983758212.png (65 KB, 276x240)File: 1501983758212.png (65 KB, 276x240) google yandex iqdb wait
65 KB
>Rocket League
>2184 hours
>200 hours of FO4
Good fucking lord
Think about it. Turns out you're no smarter than a person who would leave his name in after all.
1494993000142.jpg (45 KB, 639x644)File: 1494993000142.jpg (45 KB, 639x644) google yandex iqdb wait
45 KB
>>386415707 (You)
>that taste in games
>immediately goes private when found


come on op, where you at to defend this shit, lmfao.
1362693778990.jpg (13 KB, 352x288)File: 1362693778990.jpg (13 KB, 352x288) google yandex iqdb wait
13 KB
>still trying to act like you're in control when you panic and make your profile private
wew oh no im so scared lol. None of you fags are even gonna do anything about it.
Cornette.jpg (20 KB, 280x390)File: Cornette.jpg (20 KB, 280x390) google yandex iqdb wait
20 KB
>>386412837 (OP)
>>386415707 (You)
Why are the people whining on Steam forums always such fucking idiots? This thread only confirmed that.
>Fallout 4: 201 hours
t. Todd
Andrew furris, I just want to let you know you're a SAPE and we are all glad you made a complete fool of yourself.
dude just bow out god damn
Did this game really take 24 years to make? Not to shit on the guy or anything, but he could have outsourced the code or the art to someone else, maybe its his dream game and he wanted to do it alone, but 24 years, jesus.

At least he must have learned a shitload of things working alone.
put me in the screencap
>>386415707 (You)
We got you stupid piece of shit.
1472257887133.jpg (21 KB, 197x225)File: 1472257887133.jpg (21 KB, 197x225) google yandex iqdb wait
21 KB
Well I'm champ 3 in everything, top 1% feelsgoodman.
Also feels good to be #800 in PUBG.
Say it's a shit good, but it's actually fun if you're not shit.
>Rocket League
Op belongs on /r/gaming confirmed
You can't make this shit up.
1415842191903.jpg (57 KB, 718x540)File: 1415842191903.jpg (57 KB, 718x540) google yandex iqdb wait
57 KB
Good catch anon, what else can we dig up?
kornwasreallygood.png (188 KB, 282x270)File: kornwasreallygood.png (188 KB, 282x270) google yandex iqdb wait
188 KB
>>386415707 (You)
Holy shit
we got what we wanted out of it, you showed everyone with your autistic postings that you're an actual fucking clown. then it was cemented in when everyone got to see your trash profile.

it just keeps getting better and better, a fucking furry of all things too, this is truly embarassing.
1497056054327.jpg (121 KB, 635x1440)File: 1497056054327.jpg (121 KB, 635x1440) google yandex iqdb wait
121 KB
Holy shit that taste, kill yourself.
holy kek
1501852651937.jpg (90 KB, 500x375)File: 1501852651937.jpg (90 KB, 500x375) google yandex iqdb wait
90 KB
>tfw private profile
>tfw no friends
>tfw only buy steam bucks physically at gamestop with cash
This thread is why.
>you are not Antony Burch or OP
feels fantastic lads
His Youtube profile
1379296045685.png (63 KB, 192x154)File: 1379296045685.png (63 KB, 192x154) google yandex iqdb wait
63 KB
Found his youtube channel
Has a GoW4 Let's Play where he tries really hard to be pewdiepie
It isn't a big deal unless you call attention to yourself on 4chan of all places.

Seriously though
>OP is a video editor

[YouTube] Uncharted Montage: At PewDiePie's Request!!

Seriously this thread is a textbook example of don't link all your shit together and certainly don't link your real life ID to your internet ID AND then act like a cunt on 4chan with it.

Why am I not surprised at all
1450067667791.jpg (58 KB, 960x774)File: 1450067667791.jpg (58 KB, 960x774) google yandex iqdb wait
58 KB
>wew im so scared
yeah, you are scared of looking like an even bigger fool than you've already made yourself out to be, which is why you deleted your smug faggot ass post that got blown apart instantly.

>tfw you will never know the immense shame and embarrassment this fucking loser is feeling right now

back to /b/, faggot
1501952057544.jpg (8 KB, 249x243)File: 1501952057544.jpg (8 KB, 249x243) google yandex iqdb wait
8 KB
>you'll never be OP
1502050233213.jpg (131 KB, 600x644)File: 1502050233213.jpg (131 KB, 600x644) google yandex iqdb wait
131 KB
Great, I fucked a girl with some big titties.
1497812579186.jpg (127 KB, 1000x1000)File: 1497812579186.jpg (127 KB, 1000x1000) google yandex iqdb wait
127 KB
post yfw you are not OP
You're actually an autistic sperg. Kill yourself you piece of gutter trash.
>Over 1,000 tweets to fucking nobody
Just don't make an ass out of yourself and none of that shit actually matters.
>[YouTube] Gears Of War 4 - FUN PART 5
Jesus fucking christ I almost feel bad for this sape. I bet he hasn't deleted this thread yet because he doesn't know you can.
>>386417007 (Dead)
Why did you delete this?
I like Todd's game, anon...
I don't think that's OP, OP is a Floridian whilst that guy is in Tennessee.
Untitled-2.jpg (63 KB, 492x429)File: Untitled-2.jpg (63 KB, 492x429) google yandex iqdb wait
63 KB
>Up Next: Laura Bailey
Whoa mama. Who gives a shit about op.
Maybe he realized that every single post he makes is just digging himself deeper and can now be permanently associated with his real life name.
1485407488227.jpg (46 KB, 288x358)File: 1485407488227.jpg (46 KB, 288x358) google yandex iqdb wait
46 KB
don't you think you guys are going a bit too far? shouldn't you stop? im pretty sure OP has had enough
1435443235715.jpg (18 KB, 274x237)File: 1435443235715.jpg (18 KB, 274x237) google yandex iqdb wait
18 KB
>PC gaming
1446575672233.jpg (221 KB, 953x988)File: 1446575672233.jpg (221 KB, 953x988) google yandex iqdb wait
221 KB
>>386415707 (You)
>this profile is private
I wish i could see him pissing himself

i wonder what it would smell like haha
His dad founded a film studio that he's a part of
Wanna know what other spectrum you're on OP?
I want to pound OP's boi pucci. Gimme dat bussy, boi.
I would like to take a moment to thank Reddit and local five news for showing people with advanced autism like OP this place exists.
Always a laugh.
>animal welfare

I bet he does, being the filthy furry that he is
> being a moral relativist past the age of 18
Jesus, I figured he'd be 16-18.
Furry purge when. Kill yourself, yiff in hell furfaggot.
Groose.png (126 KB, 500x373)File: Groose.png (126 KB, 500x373) google yandex iqdb wait
126 KB
1495604529165.jpg (23 KB, 452x363)File: 1495604529165.jpg (23 KB, 452x363) google yandex iqdb wait
23 KB

>OP probably set this guy up for /v/ to jump all over his shit
>/v/ is still doing OPs bidding and pretending to be the angry hornets nest
He could have actually played it off like he was trying to get us to go after some random guy if he hadn't immediately made his Steam profile private
Honestly as someone who's posted my Steam profile on /v/ multiple times to have chats with people, no one does this if you're just some guy who wants to play videogames or chat about the standard shit. People only do this when you go out of your way to be a cunt and act smug about it.

Also Jesus Christ, why do people link their online ID with their real life ID and then proceed to post it on /v/ and make an ass of themselves.
Nah check this video linked from his YT channel looks like the same dude but older
[YouTube] Making Out With a Cow
He looks like Logan Paul lmao
Well, now we know who's been shitting up the splatton threads.
>inb4 OP fucking kills himself
>>386412837 (OP)
>acting like a sperg even when it's not anonymous
Why do you look up to the shit posters on this board? You got banned for good reason
>Watching PewDiePie
>That Twitter account
>That taste in games

Holy shit Op is actually an autistic twelve year old.
1495924211027.jpg (91 KB, 720x720)File: 1495924211027.jpg (91 KB, 720x720) google yandex iqdb wait
91 KB
Nice try, OP. You shouldn't have reacted so quickly.
1498356801520.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080)File: 1498356801520.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080) google yandex iqdb wait
1.29 MB
You're not that smart OP
Well good point m8
that was what i was thinking, but hey, too late now, i guess
Its a possibility, but the profile immediately went private.
>this might have been a personal army request
falcofury.png (8 KB, 229x404)File: falcofury.png (8 KB, 229x404) google yandex iqdb wait
8 KB
Hello OP. Interesting you'd say that since your profile is private.
We know it to be false because OP made his profile private soon after it was posted.
smith.jpg (66 KB, 401x399)File: smith.jpg (66 KB, 401x399) google yandex iqdb wait
66 KB
>wake up after a horrible nightmare
>rush to the mirror
>let out a sigh of relief
>I'm not Andrew Furris
>pic related
1501074082673.jpg (99 KB, 932x1024)File: 1501074082673.jpg (99 KB, 932x1024) google yandex iqdb wait
99 KB

Why hasn't Andrew Furris deleted this thread, though? Surely he could.
For the love of christ somebody make a screencap before he deletes his posts
dude stop, you dug yourself into this hole
just accept that you are a faggot op
1430671103617.gif (172 KB, 499x380)File: 1430671103617.gif (172 KB, 499x380) google yandex iqdb wait
172 KB
>tfw OP is trying his fucking hardest to cover all this shit up
You're only making it worse for yourself.
I was thinking aobut that, but the profiles all went private way too fast for that to be the case. The person who had those accounts had to be in the thread for the response to be that swift.
You can't delete threads on /v/ or /tv/.
>Set up
>goes private by seconds
>meme arrows in comments
he IS Op
Try to act smug get fucked
he probably doesn't know that's even an option.
>>386412837 (OP)
Wow you're a child. He made he game he always wanted and seems to be damn happy about it. And he even wants to make it better!!!! What have you done??? Huh? You happy?
This, if he wanted to try and play this off he should have never set his Steam to private immediately after it was posted. Now we know its all legit.

Nick Furris' Linkedin

Says Florida just like this anon said
1492503594008.gif (956 KB, 500x350)File: 1492503594008.gif (956 KB, 500x350) google yandex iqdb wait
956 KB
Shit got deleted way too fast to be a coincidence. Besides, you can find his smug posts in this very thread
Nah I remembered the mods removed it because they wanted idiots to not have a easy way out when they get told.
z.gif (455 KB, 720x405)File: z.gif (455 KB, 720x405) google yandex iqdb wait
455 KB
Post yfw you're not Andrew Furris
He's already deleted two or three. I would screencap them, but on mobile and no room for a screenshot app.
He works for his dad because no one else would hire him?

Holy shit, what a pathetic sack of shit the OP is.
Why? Thats retarded. I haven't made a thread in like 8 years but you could back then.

At least we get to see this retard sape out though.
Yeah, it's almost like you posted an image that showed us your profile picture and didn't change it between then, when you were shittalking on the discussion board, and now.

Gee I wonder how they somehow found me.
what does sape mean lads?
Sure thing and furfags arent all secretly into bestiality. Better hide everything about yourself turfaggot.
Pvs7w9y.png (1.36 MB, 1440x810)File: Pvs7w9y.png (1.36 MB, 1440x810) imgur google yandex iqdb wait
1.36 MB
If OP was really this Fury fellow he would've deleted this thread immediately when his profile was found, but he hasn't. This smells fishy.
1498800627837.png (70 KB, 369x299)File: 1498800627837.png (70 KB, 369x299) google yandex iqdb wait
70 KB
And on that note someone please screencap this shit. This is a quality thread.
shut up redditor
>>386412837 (OP)
>behaving like you're on /v/ when you're not on /v/

You deserved it
Android and iOS both have a builtin screenshot feature you dumb redditor.
Wow man you're pretty cool or something. Must be fun saying dumb shit on the internet nobody cares about
Hahaha what a faggot
You can't delete threads after a while
hehe, don't worry friend, I'll make sure to get it packaged and processed for /r/videogames within the hour!

Why is it that these people who always do these type of histrionic scenes are almost always furries?

Every forum I go to I see one of these people trying to stir up shit and act like they are the victim, and 99% of the time they are a furry.
1499280710319.jpg (12 KB, 474x473)File: 1499280710319.jpg (12 KB, 474x473) google yandex iqdb wait
12 KB
OP's dad's facebook profile
https://www facebook com/nick.furris
Somebody tell him to beat his retarded son for ruining the image of his film company
if you don't know you're probably one yourself.
it's okay even sapes can live a somewhat fulfilling life these days
OP its over lad
I already send the pizzas
1435104083723.png (20 KB, 538x396)File: 1435104083723.png (20 KB, 538x396) google yandex iqdb wait
20 KB
Holy shit this guy is pretty btfo
>OP trying to make it out like it's nothing
Just accept you fucked up.
This guy is 50 years old. I still think it's all for a good laugh.
Cleve has the last laugh
Holy shit you’re a redditor
tell his dad he post in a chinese lolicon board
let that smug cunt suffer
1491775323396.gif (800 KB, 500x500)File: 1491775323396.gif (800 KB, 500x500) google yandex iqdb wait
800 KB
What a historic thread.
Be sure to put me in the screencap.
>Act like a sape, get vaped
>I'm laughing at you while tearfully shutting down all of my internet accounts

Okay. Enjoy your pizzas, nigger.
HiRj2LF.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1000)File: HiRj2LF.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1000) imgur google yandex iqdb wait
1.09 MB
LMAO. It keeps getting better.
1483919519731.jpg (47 KB, 645x968)File: 1483919519731.jpg (47 KB, 645x968) google yandex iqdb wait
47 KB
dear fucking lord OP, can you just neck yourself already.
That's his dad anon, keep up
1476304999886.png (98 KB, 375x375)File: 1476304999886.png (98 KB, 375x375) google yandex iqdb wait
98 KB
cryingwojak.jpg (28 KB, 601x508)File: cryingwojak.jpg (28 KB, 601x508) google yandex iqdb wait
28 KB
>>386412837 (OP)
Where is the famed thal bantz? Cleve sounds like a pussy here
You cant dig deep enough without us finding you, you worthless dog fucker, its too late now.
you must be real hungry for pizza
You shouldn't laugh at anyone if you take photographs for a living, pal.
1499398558426.jpg (34 KB, 460x460)File: 1499398558426.jpg (34 KB, 460x460) google yandex iqdb wait
34 KB
just stop op
Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? You worthless redditor
Is op a reddor?
>doxing him to the point where you find his father
i think you guy went too far and knowing /v/ i know whats gonna happen
1501675641451.png (229 KB, 410x491)File: 1501675641451.png (229 KB, 410x491) google yandex iqdb wait
229 KB
I hope there will be Anon who screencap this thread <3
Pizza-chart-chart.png (761 KB, 970x545)File: Pizza-chart-chart.png (761 KB, 970x545) google yandex iqdb wait
761 KB
What would you like, sir?
Said the welfare queen NEET

Fuck off ESL
>person posts perfectly on topic thread
>waits for it to get active
>deletes it
>board then gets flooded with multiple threads reposting that game/topic/whatever, and multiple "Why was the x thread deleted? The mods are fucking useless!"

Basically that.
Weow. This thread's going places. Just like ol' times.
>200 hours of Toddout 4
>90 hours if Timone and Pumba Battlelines

Jesus fuck how?
something about thinking you're an animal makes you act like one
Isn't there a firefox extension that let's you view deleted posts? Whoever is making the screenshot should use that.
1497231524463.jpg (72 KB, 677x813)File: 1497231524463.jpg (72 KB, 677x813) google yandex iqdb wait
72 KB
He's a furry, he definitely spends a ton of time on furry subreddits
I'm not the furfag here, OP.
https://twitter.com/AndrewFurris (Just protected his tweets again)
Company he's employed at under his father:
https://www.fullspectrumcreative.com/ (Go to the "team" section)
Father's Facebook:
https://www facebook com/nick.furris
Father's Linkedin:

How we know it's him:
[YouTube] Making Out With a Cow
This video is linked in a playlist from OP's youtube channel, looks like a younger version of the man in Nick Furris' company and Andrew Furris' Linkedin.
OP is also a fucking Pewdiepie fan.
please do not bully todd
Someone tell his dad that his son identifies as a furry.
you can't delete your own threads anymore. that was a change made years ago now
boneless pizza
>Spectrum Jacksonville

Spectrum alright...
I can see them with 4chan X, but I'm eating ice cream.
1500872390771.jpg (138 KB, 449x401)File: 1500872390771.jpg (138 KB, 449x401) google yandex iqdb wait
138 KB
Thats fair enough actually, I didn't account for people being turbo niggers.
I like how you guys are just grasping for things to """"ridicule"""" me about that you pretend to be me. Y'all are pathetic.
OP is an absolute madman for bashing GRIMOIRE on /v/
Honestly this whole thing wouldn't of happened to OP if he just took the replies like a man. But nope, he had to have snarky comebacks that egg people on.
totally sending this to golden era games, by the way
And now his Reddit account
1501499343798.gif (2.15 MB, 320x240)File: 1501499343798.gif (2.15 MB, 320x240) google yandex iqdb wait
2.15 MB
Oh my god you guys.
Have mercy on the poor soul.
OP stream your suicide please
lying max.jpg (111 KB, 1632x1652)File: lying max.jpg (111 KB, 1632x1652) google yandex iqdb wait
111 KB
>not playing todds games
Kiwi Farms thread on Alex Furris when?
This, tell him his son rapes dogs as a hobby.
Why is /v/ whiteknighting Cleve? Is it because you identify with the fat autistic bully victim?
>Calls people redditors
>Turns out to be a closeted redditor
Fucking pottery
1500665451102.jpg (40 KB, 640x586)File: 1500665451102.jpg (40 KB, 640x586) google yandex iqdb wait
40 KB
6899346.gif (2.04 MB, 500x228)File: 6899346.gif (2.04 MB, 500x228) google yandex iqdb wait
2.04 MB
I second this.
1501779821870.jpg (192 KB, 960x960)File: 1501779821870.jpg (192 KB, 960x960) google yandex iqdb wait
192 KB
How hard are you crying right now?
I'm the one who went out of my way to find his steam account, and I don't care in the slightest about that game. It's all about OP being scum.
1484480352226.gif (208 KB, 385x400)File: 1484480352226.gif (208 KB, 385x400) google yandex iqdb wait
208 KB
>thinking you have any kind of high ground to stand on
reddit pickle.png (91 KB, 1200x1200)File: reddit pickle.png (91 KB, 1200x1200) google yandex iqdb wait
91 KB
fuckin really?
Cleve as far as I know doesn't sperg out on /v/.

OP had the bright idea to tie his real name to his online profiles and then proceed to sperg out on /v/ using his online profiles.
Nigger one day i get doxxed too
I did the smart thing , never close my profile because i am not autistic like OP and after a day /v/ just vanish.
The game has nothing to do with this.
Well well well... what have we here...
1497056128216.png (448 KB, 633x480)File: 1497056128216.png (448 KB, 633x480) google yandex iqdb wait
448 KB
Sorry dogfucker you can't escape now.
Its doxed
OP just send an apology PM to get unb&. It's the only way to ascend back into God's Good Graces. The Lard do work in mysterious ways.
JUST.jpg (4 KB, 100x100)File: JUST.jpg (4 KB, 100x100) google yandex iqdb wait
4 KB
>the state of Andrew Furris
I feel bad after asking op reddit account tb h

Be a darling and go take some crappy pictures outside. I mean, it is quite clear you are incapable of producing actual art yourself, but hopefully taking pictures will not be too challenging for you.
>GRIM-WOAIURE. The game that took 24 years to make.
>expecting the dev not to have autism

You brought this upon yourself, OP
Stop trying to make `doeksed` happen.
1500990410984.jpg (8 KB, 249x249)File: 1500990410984.jpg (8 KB, 249x249) google yandex iqdb wait
8 KB
>chicago lasagna
I wonder if your dad knows about your fetish.

Also, noone cares about some faggots shitty RPG.
hjqoaSF.png (572 KB, 640x480)File: hjqoaSF.png (572 KB, 640x480) imgur google yandex iqdb wait
572 KB

Boneless NY Slice please, and a 2-litre of TaB.

God bless the pizzaman
shii.png (297 KB, 714x720)File: shii.png (297 KB, 714x720) google yandex iqdb wait
297 KB
I'm glad that I bothered opening this thread.
Retarded americuck
>dad fires him up for being a worthless degenerate
This shit needs to happen.
>still having the balls to talk after making all of your accounts private
just fuck off at this point, it'll blow over and the only thing that'll happen is you'll have a screencap on /v/. You're making this worse for yourself every time you post shit.
Make sure not to miss Falco Funnies, Andrew's HILARIOUS lighter side

Sticks and stones.
>cares about animal welfare
someone wanna give me a rundown? i know absolutely nothing about grimoire and why people are so angry
1438319288817.jpg (6 KB, 251x220)File: 1438319288817.jpg (6 KB, 251x220) google yandex iqdb wait
6 KB
>mfw this is like my 8th doxing thread
[YouTube] Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video)
Not an argument
>>386412837 (OP)
You can't be older than 18. You type like a fucking child.

We all know he's a sperg, so he has nothing to lose. You didn't have to show us that you are as well.
Who cares about grimoire? This is a thread for laughing at OP

1502073296550.jpg (104 KB, 800x800)File: 1502073296550.jpg (104 KB, 800x800) google yandex iqdb wait
104 KB
>2184 hours on Rocket League
>>386412837 (OP)
who spends 20 years on a game? and more importantly, if whoever made this spent 20 years on it, youre basically arguing with a retarded old senile man which is kinda pathetic. atleast this old retard did something with his life though :)
You must have had a lot of those hitting you over the head, dumbass
that's what every thread is for, nigger
It might not be but that's the reason why everyone is doxing you right now Andrew, don't act like a sperg and then smugly show everyone that you sperged out with another sperg.
Sapes are angry that they'll never live up to the mighty Thal in terms of gaming genius.
TcYpcht.jpg (42 KB, 640x480)File: TcYpcht.jpg (42 KB, 640x480) imgur google yandex iqdb wait
42 KB
>Hah guys look at my epic internet argument
>Wow no wonder he said you are autistic what the fuck is wrong with you
>Jeeze you guys and him are all just autist who don't get how masterful I am wow as expected of spergvile

The ironing
pig.png (322 KB, 324x474)File: pig.png (322 KB, 324x474) google yandex iqdb wait
322 KB
Andrew is a fucking PIG.
very useful and informative answer. thanks hive member #25681
> basing your entire “argument” on the premise that I’m the OP when I’m not
Honest question, how often have these threads just been OP pretending to be someone else?
1500000127518.jpg (209 KB, 2092x1179)File: 1500000127518.jpg (209 KB, 2092x1179) google yandex iqdb wait
209 KB
Someone screencap this thread and send it to the Grimoire dev.
[YouTube] How to be quiet while making a snack
[YouTube] How To Cook Porkchops
>copying howtobasic
the absolute state of Andrew Furris
1455834857114.jpg (42 KB, 550x550)File: 1455834857114.jpg (42 KB, 550x550) google yandex iqdb wait
42 KB
No idea, but it's obviously not the case in this thread
No but honestly, does this sentence look like something a person who truly cared about creative writing would produce?

>Keep wasting your time though, please, as the bad guy, I'm currently winning, the longer you waste your time on me, the less time you spend fixing yourgame that still has bugs, and still crashes. GG

Now I don't claim to be a professional writer myself either, but even I would feel like a complete retard if I ever wrote something like that. It's like a child screaming without catching any breath.
These threads aren't common enough to make any meaningful statistical inference.
My nigga you mention /v/ in the fucking steam forum post, fuck off
NYPA, weebshit
It isn't. All of his accounts magically went private once shit went down for him.
You expect anyone to give you a serious argument when you haven't made one yourself.
This, holy shit this completely made up for the bad Rick and Morty episode. Comedy gold in here.
1501761924618.jpg (26 KB, 383x287)File: 1501761924618.jpg (26 KB, 383x287) google yandex iqdb wait
26 KB
For fucks sake, just when I was thinking OP couldn't get more lower
Ay, true enough considering he went private

Im not OP you twat
HA.jpg (11 KB, 161x154)File: HA.jpg (11 KB, 161x154) google yandex iqdb wait
11 KB
>Andrew Furris is a 5'9", 154-pound Wide Receiver from Jacksonville, FL.
> le sekrit klub
Fuck off reddit
Op argued with an autist
Op put his real name on steam
Op screencapped his arguments
Some anon went to forum and datamined op steam profile
Anon posted it on the thread
Somd time later op made his profile private
Op is a fag
Nice try OP back to lddit
Why you don't join the esjayw and cry how the meanies from the chinese board doxxed you
mzfdWpp.png (387 KB, 640x480)File: mzfdWpp.png (387 KB, 640x480) imgur google yandex iqdb wait
387 KB
This is the best thread I've seen since someone bought Chris Chan's autism totem. Thanks for this, FalcoFury.
1495936125231.jpg (46 KB, 456x488)File: 1495936125231.jpg (46 KB, 456x488) google yandex iqdb wait
46 KB
this ride of laughs is never going to end.
Well, I guess that explains why he's so bitter.
>>386412837 (OP)
OP why were you bullying people with mental problems that's just sad on another level.

You got what you deserved ITT.
474323632.jpg (101 KB, 480x640)File: 474323632.jpg (101 KB, 480x640) google yandex iqdb wait
101 KB
We probably made OP kill himself. I know I would if I was exposed that I was a gigantic faggot like this.
satania.webm (2.97 MB, 720x404)File: satania.webm (2.97 MB, 720x404) google yandex iqdb wait
2.97 MB
maxresdefault[1].jpg (75 KB, 1920x1080)File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (75 KB, 1920x1080) google yandex iqdb wait
75 KB
>literally anyone could be a shitpoaster
bugs.jpg (17 KB, 400x300)File: bugs.jpg (17 KB, 400x300) google yandex iqdb wait
17 KB
>this entire thread
>>386412837 (OP)
Is Cleve the new CWC
You would likely have more common sense than OP and not egg on goddamn 4chan of all places.
1339871299514.jpg (26 KB, 262x262)File: 1339871299514.jpg (26 KB, 262x262) google yandex iqdb wait
26 KB
Found his other youtube channel:

Possible White Pages info:
Name, age, and location line up

Probable address:
9270 Audubon Park Ln S
Jacksonville FL 32257-4950
He hasn't locked down his FB yet.

Remember kids, never use your real name on the internet.
1500342297076.jpg (24 KB, 282x304)File: 1500342297076.jpg (24 KB, 282x304) google yandex iqdb wait
24 KB
You might as well kill yourself and end it all Andrew.
6' 9" master race
Looks like this one hurt huh, OP?
6,4 ;)
Calm the cringefest. Le Anyone who isnt assblasting OP is OP meme
Go back to /r/4chan
Spy.jpg (19 KB, 200x193)File: Spy.jpg (19 KB, 200x193) google yandex iqdb wait
19 KB
1492101400940.jpg (58 KB, 768x960)File: 1492101400940.jpg (58 KB, 768x960) google yandex iqdb wait
58 KB
How the fuck someone can fall this lower in a single lifetime, tell us your secrets OP.
>goddamn 4chan
Ah yes le hackers on le steroids :)
>Virtue signalling that you browse 4china on other sites.
Only OP is this much of a fag.
pizzatime.jpg (47 KB, 1280x534)File: pizzatime.jpg (47 KB, 1280x534) google yandex iqdb wait
47 KB
>Probable address:
>9270 Audubon Park Ln S
>Jacksonville FL 32257-4950
Send him a pizza.

The lesson you have learned on this thread:
Social media is bad for you.
>defend or have concerns about OP in any way shape or form
>get accused of being OP

Every fucking time, its some manlet throwing a fit.
Give the guy a break. He's making money selling something that took him a long time to create, something he enjoys too. You're not entitled to anything. Whats wrong with you people?
1497025237383.jpg (18 KB, 287x287)File: 1497025237383.jpg (18 KB, 287x287) google yandex iqdb wait
18 KB
Are you going to continue despite having your life destroyed in 15 minutes? Goddamn, you really are stupid.
I'm 5'9" but i have a vagina
He’s your brother
It's just an old-school dungeon crawler, people are butthurt because they are either poorfags, kids who need fancy graphics or sjws butthurt over cleves personality
Andrew, you poor, poor man. /v/ took it too far once again, but that's your own fault. Pure entertainment.
Relatives line up with other sources as well
t. Andrew
No you don't.
“Virtue signaling” doesn’t mean what you think it means, my underage redditor friend.
Defend a furry get gassed in a hurry
1487837381380.jpg (33 KB, 570x562)File: 1487837381380.jpg (33 KB, 570x562) google yandex iqdb wait
33 KB
>Wide Receiver
Oh baby.
>>386412837 (OP)
Simply epic my man. Upvote for you
Glad I don't live in murican where your information can be datamined by the public.
5'10" but I'm a grill
>bragging about making in 2 years what he made in 2 days

You know he has a real job too right?
op is literally a redditor
go figure
Why is the number pixelated?
> pretending to be a codexer
PoorFurris.png (543 KB, 1332x326)File: PoorFurris.png (543 KB, 1332x326) google yandex iqdb wait
543 KB
Andrew's latest liked videos, holy shit.
5'6" but I dont care
doxing is against the rules
Even most Burgers aren't stupid enough to use the same username for fucking everything.
Can't wait until somebody finds his FurAffinity account.

5'4 and i'm still anonamouse on the internet
Whats there to defend? He spreged out and tried to show it off on /v/ of all places. Noone likes a spergheti, and the doxxing that occured brought attention to further reasons he deserves ridicule. Nothing to defend here. He exposed himself once he decided to try and be in the limelight. What everyone saw was not his insane self delusions but the truth: A spergy furry faggot who seems to have tried and failed to be something and will probably ride his daddies coat tails forever.

I would only feel bad if he had legitimate autism which wouldn't doubt me at this point.
What are you doing outside of the kitchen, ladies?
This is 9gag tier
just shitposting or do you genuinely believe i was OP?
i don't care if hes a furry or not but i think this doxxing has gone too far
You people are amazing and I hope good fortune finds its way to you for blowing this asshat so thoroughly the fuck out.

King of the Manlets, reporting in.
You can be doxxed unless you live in the third world. I found a german tf2 hacker quite easily, just by using his alt's avatar. Even found his dating site profile, shit was hilarious.
1490091379397.jpg (50 KB, 575x575)File: 1490091379397.jpg (50 KB, 575x575) google yandex iqdb wait
50 KB
yes, thats the shit
1463356229346.png (16 KB, 500x500)File: 1463356229346.png (16 KB, 500x500) google yandex iqdb wait
16 KB
>trolling: a professional guide
This is 9gag tier
>Noone likes a spergheti
>on 4chan aka sperg central
here’s the real reason: >>386418648
5'8" it can't be helped
1500542167070.jpg (215 KB, 600x600)File: 1500542167070.jpg (215 KB, 600x600) google yandex iqdb wait
215 KB
Laughing at Andrew Furris

Actually hilariously enough I'm in my kitchen eating ice cream right now.

>Spectrum Jacksonville

He's on the spectrum alright
>>386412837 (OP)

Is this literally two faggots arguing over their original creations?
>this is your average /v/ user
summer don't exist they said
So, how bugged is the game?
I'm expecting it to have lots of game breaking bugs and crashes despite being a very simple game
It's 1AM, my dude
breakfast's in the slow cooker and I'm shitposting from bed
noone cares about cleve, its just fun to shit on a sperg. I do agree there are large amounts of them here but they know not to embarrass themselves to this degree.

OP is a faggot.
5'10, third worlder
You forgot.
>Got in an argument with an actual insane person.
>Did so badly in said argument and took not being able to get the last word in so badly that he came limping back here with a screencap looking for validation and reassurance.
And then this whole thread fuck.

OP if you kill yourself now Fox News might do a story on cyberbullying and mention you, it's a good deal bro think about it.
why is height shaming even a thing and how did it became a thing? im not even defending OP but im genuinely curious why someone should be shamed and laughed at about something they have no control over
>try not to laugh
>trolling: a professional guide
>Meghan literally who McCarthy
1500614788911.png (2.1 MB, 603x913)File: 1500614788911.png (2.1 MB, 603x913) google yandex iqdb wait
2.1 MB
>>386412837 (OP)
All you've proven is that you're a humongous tool.
>>386412837 (OP)
What a fucking retard you are, OP.

For your own sake Andrew, you really should stop.
1490433396674.png (1.71 MB, 5000x4885)File: 1490433396674.png (1.71 MB, 5000x4885) google yandex iqdb wait
1.71 MB
>>386412837 (OP)
thread related
The WhitePages is the only one that's kind of a 'gotcha'. Yeah, it's pretty annoying to have to 'delist' myself.
don't ruin a good thread, /r9k/
1,86m bby

My fucking sides
>OP acts like a little shit on Steam, gets BTFO
>comes to /v/ to brag about it
>/v/ doesn't take his shit and BTFOs him a second time
Not even OJ's lawyer could defend this faggot.
Fuck off americuck white knight
What is this thread? Please send help.
it's just /fit/ taking the piss chill out
64363535345.jpg (6 KB, 283x178)File: 64363535345.jpg (6 KB, 283x178) google yandex iqdb wait
6 KB
Maybe if you cut off your Pinocchio nose and put it on top of your head, you could stop being such a miserable little fuck after reaching male height! MIDGET!
Phonepost screen cap guy here, genuinely 6,4 and I think the whole manlet and height thing is immature and silly as fuck. I'm just doing it because I'm drunk as hell and feel like fucking with Op
>OP still in the thread
Are you crying man?
Timmy what are you doing out of kindergarten? The teachers are going to be worried
Fag.jpg (76 KB, 509x514)File: Fag.jpg (76 KB, 509x514) google yandex iqdb wait
76 KB
His instagram knock-off:
Presumably his brother, matches name on White Pages:
I'm sure more can be found through his relative's names but I'm done for now, already got his address. Good fun lads.
>BA in "film studies"
>works as an assistant to the second camera, AKA bitchboy on set

Looks like we got ourselves an "idea guy". I guess coming on 4chan wasn't one of your better ones, huh Andrew?
5 foot 5 then? Noted
It's a little bit too late for that, and I think it went a little too far honestly, but someone probably already has a screenshot of it.
I'm the guy that you replied to.
You should never associated your steam profile with your real name.
1498336961266.gif (370 KB, 206x176)File: 1498336961266.gif (370 KB, 206x176) google yandex iqdb wait
370 KB
>an idea guy for his dad's company
So are we sending our good friend Andrew Furris AKA FalcoFury a delicious pizza in his time of need?
> seething NEET
I'm not OP. I'm pointing out these public directories are a real concern if you care about personal privacy and are easy to overlook.
Yeah. I feel bad desu
>this faggot was actually old enough to post here
I think we should up the age limit for posting
> we
back 2 reddit
Nah, that's /b/ shit and against the rules. What we can do is archive his pasta-spill for all eternity so that he may know his shame.
>Can't even get an assistant's job on set that isn't for his father's company
>his father didn't even give him a prestigious position

Holy fuck Andrew get it together.
when you say "we" you mean yourself, right?
1490048767034.png (71 KB, 159x228)File: 1490048767034.png (71 KB, 159x228) google yandex iqdb wait
71 KB
I don't know? It's fucking weird mang. These fucking mustard races ain't right in the head.
No one cares about your Internet argument you fucking sperg this isn't your blog, fuck off
There needs to be a year long period of lurking to prevent things like this.
IMG_1437.jpg (110 KB, 519x533)File: IMG_1437.jpg (110 KB, 519x533) google yandex iqdb wait
110 KB
Glad i decided to check /v/ before bed. This thread is gold!
Fuck that. Make it so you have to show your ID to repeal a ban.
Lmao whatever you fuckin losers. Im going to bed cant handle this bullshit anymore. Tomorrow im going to my girls apartment and shes going to suck me off for hours. Enjoy your hand losers
>Against the rules
And this thread isnt??
You look like John from Lasagna Cat in real life holy shit
One needs to be a fucking Goomba to be shorter than you and that's fucking sad.
6 foot even
not sure if good or bad
Someone find his girlfriend and send this to him.
>shitting on pubg
Kek gitgud go back to overwatch casual shitter
1493663259728.jpg (52 KB, 640x640)File: 1493663259728.jpg (52 KB, 640x640) google yandex iqdb wait
52 KB
Wow, you truly are a hero. Can't wait until you leave your mom's basement and start calling everyone autistic because you had your mind so corrupted by /v/ that you actually think that this is normal behavior and that you are in the right.

Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up forever until you understand how to be a human being instead of the socially unaware, self-loathing idiot that you act like.
You’re sad, manlet
>>386412837 (OP)

I don't know if I ordered 5 toppings or 6, but you better ask yourself a question. Do you feel lucky OP? Well...do you?
You mean the thread that OP arrogantly made and horribly backfired at him?
Nah, that's not against the rules.
1341711437102.png (4 KB, 210x229)File: 1341711437102.png (4 KB, 210x229) google yandex iqdb wait
4 KB
1502050975923.jpg (129 KB, 900x720)File: 1502050975923.jpg (129 KB, 900x720) google yandex iqdb wait
129 KB
I'm breaking up with you.
>implying thats OP
>implying OP has a gf
>until you leave your mom's basement
Andrew actually has a job... do you?
1499355564072.jpg (96 KB, 640x619)File: 1499355564072.jpg (96 KB, 640x619) google yandex iqdb wait
96 KB
I'm not a redditor like you, Andrew.

"Screw you guys Imma get my dick sucked"

Anon you know you're gonna think of this riiiight after you come into your oni-hole
maxresdefault.jpg (336 KB, 1280x720)File: maxresdefault.jpg (336 KB, 1280x720) google yandex iqdb wait
336 KB
The fuck is this shitty daggerfall clone?
People play this?
>age being relevant when youre a fucking manlet, redditor furfaggot.
Well ops op is off topic garbage. Doxxing him is against global rule 4.
So this is the power of pc master race
>People play this?
Nope. People only meme about it
Anyone working on a screencap for this? I'd do it myself but I wouldn't do it justice.
Scott.png (145 KB, 377x379)File: Scott.png (145 KB, 377x379) google yandex iqdb wait
145 KB
Comprehensive list of all info I've found:

https://twitter.com/AndrewFurris (Just protected his tweets again)
Company he's employed at under his father:
https://www.fullspectrumcreative.com/ (Go to the "team" section)
Father's Facebook:
https://www facebook com/nick.furris
Father's Linkedin:

How we know it's him:
[YouTube] Making Out With a Cow (embed)
This video is linked in a playlist from OP's youtube channel, looks like a younger version of the man in Nick Furris' company and Andrew Furris' Linkedin.
OP is also a fucking Pewdiepie fan.

Found his other youtube channel:
Track and Field at his Highschool info:
Went to Watkins:
Did some film school stuff in Tennessee which other anon's pointed out:
Interview with his father (youtube speeches also exist):
His instagram knock-off:
Presumably his brother, matches name on White Pages:

White Pages info:
Name, age, and location line up

Probable address:
9270 Audubon Park Ln S
Jacksonville FL 32257-4950

Thanks for the laughs, Andrew.
Thanks for the pizzas guys they’re really good
>I' called him out on it and that's what he banned me for.
If this is what you honestly believe you have real issues.

If your going to say "nah I was only pretending to be retarded this whole time!" You better do it soon.
CoBY840WgAAFF45[1].jpg (36 KB, 787x319)File: CoBY840WgAAFF45[1].jpg (36 KB, 787x319) google yandex iqdb wait
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Someone tell his dad his son is a furry. Link him to fchan as an explanation as to what a furry is.
I dunno, what's 198 cm in whatever you guys are using?

Nobody is OP, he probably bailed right after setting all his everything to private. Would you hang around to continue getting BTFO like this?
What proof is there that OP is a furry? Is the twitter username all there is?

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